Company Barristers Contacts RU

We provide legal services and advice to the great number of private clients and for different companies and organizations. Such as:

  • Beiersdorf AG (Germany);
  • "Oskolskaya zemlaya" is one of the biggest producer of agricultural products;
  • The Center of Trade Development and Management of Investments in Europe (China);
  • Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank;
  • RosDorBank;
  • Bridgestone (CIS);
  • Sbercard;
  • Science research institute radio-set constructing is a part of Aimaz-Anteyconcern;
  • Russian Forest Group;
  • The Allians Group;
  • Siberia Chemistry Complex;
  • Souz Viktan;
  • Siberia Service Company;
  • MDM Group;
  • International Consulting Group Sigma;
  • Bankruptcy commissioner of Rostelecombank;
  • Bankruptcy commissioner of Bank National Credit;
  • Stroypromet Group;
  • Coudert Brothers LLP (USA);
  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Central clothing department;
  • Paging company VessoLink Group and Multypage;
and others.

We also successfully represented interests of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency and had some disputes between private persons against the State Corporation DIA with successful result for our clients.